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Welcome to CenCal Youth Sport's Registration for our Youth Empowerment Systems Program.  This program is a character-driven, level-based, kid's fitness system for boys and girls in 2nd-6th grade. All skill levels are welcome and no fitness/sports experience is required.


You are registering for our Youth Empowerment Systems Q2 2024 Program, which begins the week of April 9th and ends the week of June 27th, 2024. 


We are limiting this registration to 25 participants per group.



Coach Nate


Doc's Gym

263 N Minnewawa Ave, Clovis, CA 93612

Coaches reserve the right to move participants up or down in groups or remove participants from the program dependent on ability and maturity level. 

Grade Levels:


Days & Times:

Tuesday & Thursday (2 Days Per Week)





Program Information

Youth Empowerment Systems Program Details


Youth Empowerment Systems is a character-driven, level-based, kids fitness system


Character Driven:  Each month will feature a different empowerment word to focus on.  Previous months have featured words like Respect, Trustworthiness, Growth, and Resiliency.  Empowerment words are the core values that we teach each month in order to build proper mindset and character.  Players who learn the values of a proper mindset and have great character will always have an advantage on the field and in life.


Level Based:  Each participant starts out in a white shirt.  There are 4 different colored shirts: White, Blue, Black, & Camo.  Students receive different colored shirts after achieving each level's specific fitness goals.  These goals include both physical and mental tasks.  Check out the goals by clicking the corresponding link. These goals are on the back of each shirt the participants receive.  Achieving these goals takes time and participants should not expect to be immediately leveling up.  Safety and technique are our number one priority.


White Shirt Goals

Blue Shirt Goals

Black Shirt Goals

Camo Shirt Goals


Kids Fitness:  This program is specifically for youth and is designed with their age and body composition in mind. Their technique is of the highest importance and we do not progress through the program without proper form.  As the participant progresses through different shirts, more challenges are presented and new techniques are introduced.  A majority of the fitness classes are body weight and technique-centric.

Nate Dalena

Phone: 559-367-5148